Liquid Web LLC



Established in late 2004, Liquid Web, LLC has provided specialized services locally and globally for individuals and businesses. The company started in the computer support and troubleshooting in-home service industry. The team is comprised of complimentary talents which allows Liquid Web to be agile, and versatile in the technology industry. Over the years, Liquid Web has been involved with web/app development, web/logo design, media branding, marketing, business consulting (Business Plan Development), business leasing, ecommerce, website hosting, point of sale integration and more.

Although computer support and in-home troubleshooting services are still something we do, Liquid Web has a very diverse team with a combined 50 years of real world experience. The team is comprised of the following high level specialty-services;

1. Project and Program Management - All employees who lead or manage projects or programs are certified Project Management Professionals (PMP) through the accredited Project Management Institute. Extensive financial and Microsoft Project experience. Managed multiple projects in excess value of $30 million.

2. Software and Systems Engineering - The Engineering focus is based on cutting edge technology integration and the latest software development and best practices which include; Mobile application development (apple, android), simulation, interface integration and more. The most important aspect about the end product is to ensure you have the right people up front to translate your wants/needs into tangible requirements.

3. Design/Graphic Artist & Marketing- Unique personnel able to design and "whoah" all of our customers with different levels of design and architecture. This includes design for branding, websites or any type of media. The primary success to any business, especially a virtual business, is marketing. Let us help guide you through tools and techniques of what has worked for us and our customers.

4. Administrative/Accounting - Extensive experience with QuickBooks, and all other Microsoft programs. Offer assistance and guidance for those seeking to open, run and maintain a small business that may require administrative accounting and/or book-keeping.

5. Training/Customer Service - Liquid Web understands the importance of customer service and business to customer relations. We offer a variety of training curriculums and even supplemental staff to help YOU get your business up and running.

Additional Examples of Services Provided:

Bottom line, Liquid Web is in the business of helping people. If you are looking to open a business and have questions about the technology, please don't hesitate to give us a call. Since the beginning, we offer 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our products and services (Products are covered by the standard manufacturer's warranty). We are all are entrepreneurs by heart and Liquid Web has many different areas of expertise with highly qualified personnel to help get you where you want to be.